Books & Chapbooks

Tuesday’s Children, a chapbook, was released in December 2015 from Hermeneutic Chaos Press.

Forthcoming in Anthologies & Journals

Prizes & In Print

“An Editor in Your Pocket: Cheryl Klein’s The Magic Words: Writing Great Books for Children and Young Adults” appeared in The Prairie Wind, an SCBWI publication, in the fall of 2019.

“Whiff” recognized as the 2019 winner of the In a Nutshell Short Story Award at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

“Ending” and “Improvising” appeared in Poemish, a chapbook of poems from students, alumnx, and faculty of the Writing for Children & Young Adults Program at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

“Once Upon a Time” appeared in the Winter 2019 issue of Blue Heron Review.

641 Western Avenue” appeared in issue 17 of Black Fox Literary Journal, March 2018.

The Plural of Grief” appeared in The Cider Press Review (Vol 18, Issue 5), January 2017.

Disappearing Shore” appeared in The Cider Press Review, October 2016.

“The Setting” appeared in Rabbit Poetry, Issue 19 (Fall 2016).

“Oranges” was a part of Poems For All (#1375) in July, 2016.

“Family History, c. 1970” appeared in  Midwestern Gothic (Spring 2016, Issue 21). They also did a lovely contributor spotlight interview with me here.

“The Brass Tacks,” the winner of Emerge Literary Journal’s themed contest (on the subject of “Farewell”), appeared in the 2015 issue.

Advent: You appeared at Mothers Always Write in December 2015.

“What Hovers” appeared in the inaugural issue of The Pittsburgh Poetry Review, November 2015.

“Studio Space” featured in Rogue Agent’s Themed Photo Gallery Where I Create, November 2015.

Sisterhood Makes Only a Cameo appeared in Rogue Agent, September 2015.

Shamir Terrel Palmer appeared as a part of the public installation, Lament For the Dead, on August 10, 2015.

“Blue Moon” and “Break Fast” appeared in Melancholy Hyperbole, July 2015.

Free Admission, Holy Days, A Valentine Late In Time, and Sukhasana, Arms Raised appeared in Softblow, Summer 2015, and are scheduled to be featured on the front page in December 2015.

Do Unto Others appeared in the July 2015 issue of Hermeneutic Chaos.

The Prayers of the Saints appeared in The Gender Issue of Stirring (Volume 17, Edition 6).

“Gap” and “As Small As A World And As Round As Alone” appeared in the  inaugural issue of The Norfolk Review, Spring 2015.

Photo Op appeared as part of the Silver Birch Press Me, As a Child Series, 2015.

The Burn Circus appeared in Wherewithal, March 2015.

“House Finch Lunes” appeared Mom Egg Review Volume 13, Spring 2015.

“Hegemony” and “Melting” appeared in Kindred Magazine (Anchor & Plume Press, order here), Summer 2014.

“Vacation” featured in Iowa City’s Poetry in Public installation, Spring 2014.

“Second” appeared in Brain, Child Magazine, Spring 2014 (Order here).

“Unease” appeared in The Examined Life, Winter 2013 (Order here).

“Landslide” appeared in Garbanzo Literary Journal Volume 3, Fall 2013.


Coaching and Leadership Conference, Iowa City, IA  – August 12, 2019 – What an Instructional Coach Can Do for a Classroom Teacher

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA – October 6, 2016 –  Global Multiliteracies: Rewriting the Narrative on Literacy with Sarah Prineas and Michelle Edwards